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The clothing you wear sends a message about your personality; it is a way to show others who you are and what you are all about. A carefully selected wardrobe can speak volumes before you even say a word. Styled By Sasha was created to streamline your style and reflect your own unique individuality.

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"Beauty without expression is boring"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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What our clients say is extremely important to us. Without their support and satisfaction, we wouldn’t be in business. That’s why we are so invested in making sure that they’re happy with all of the styling services we provide. Take a look at what people have said about working with us and get in touch today to make your voice heard as well.

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Sasha is freaking awesome. She somehow managed to get through my wreck of a closet and my inability to figure out my own style. She totally nailed it. When we went shopping she picked out things I never would have thought of. I wanted to jump up and down in delight, but I had on these super sexy shoes (that I never would have picked out for myself) and I didn't want to endanger Sasha or myself. I work from home and previously made due with yoga pants and t-shirts for the majority of the time. Now I get up and put on my super cute clothes and feel wonderful all day. Hubby has been totally blown away. Sasha is freaking awesome. I know I already said that, but I want to be sure anyone who reads this knows that Sasha is freaking awesome. (She's awesome).

Payton Hillman

Image by Martin Péchy

One word: phenomenal. I learned so much from Sasha, she was so knowledgeable about every question or concern I had throughout the whole process. I have tried many personal stylist's and this was by far my favourite. I will definitely be coming back.

Martin Pachett

Image by Clarisse Meyer

I have never worked with such a fun and outgoing group of stylists, I had the best experience! I told my friends about Styled By Sasha as well

Casey J

Image by Mitchell Luo

Love the new me. Picking the right fits has always been a major struggle of mine for years, this was a change that I knew needed to happen but I could never afford the $300-$500 a stylist usually costs so when my friend send me this site I was over the moon to finally get the help I desperately needed. I'm 38 years old and this is the first time I've actually felt fully confident in myself.

Robbie White

Image by Sergio de Paula

Working with Sasha was a pleasure! Having an outstanding balance between professional and fun was exactly what i needed in order to feel comfortable stepping outside of my comfort zone. I truly would recommend her to anyone I know!

Jose Sanchez

Girl on Old Wall

Great customer service, great prices. Sasha was wonderful.



Sasha is knowledgeable, professional, and very kind, while being honest about what works and what doesn't. We're about half-way through the process – she helped me sort and clear out my closet and then she went shopping to fill in the gaps. Everything she pulled was consistent with what I'd shown her I like. AND, she is so much fun to be with. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants a little help with their wardrobe.


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Dressing as I'm getting older is more challenging than before. I'm turning dirty 30 in less than a few months, I'm not saying you need to dress a certain way based on being 30 years old, but what I am saying is that by now I should have at least figured my fashion sense out. I see every flaw from knees to obliques and I want my long lean style of my youth (that I knew how to dress) translated for my new shape... When what I wear matches my personality, I feel a glow from head to toe. You immediately saw through to my creative side that hasn't been shined on in a long time. Silly how it took a few pieces of clothing and some really cool shoes to bring out something that had been suppressed. Thank you times a million.


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Sasha is amazing at making you feel at ease. Who wants someone critiquing their personal clothes choices? Well, Sasha makes you feel great about the bad choices! She helped me realize I was wearing clothes too big so I went down two sizes, she added bright colours and tons of layers and different textures to my line-up. And, with her help, I could easily mix and match so many outfits. Plus, she let me know I was spending wayyyy too much on fashion. She knows where to find the best deals and make you look great, in addition. I trusted her with putting my deposit fee to the best use for me and she did just that.

Skyler Adelson


I used to love fashion, and then one day it turned on me. I went shopping, tried on clothes and just felt horrible. I became shopping phobic. In an attempt to help me out my husband mentioned that I could look into some sort of fashion help. And thank goodness he did! Sasha steered me towards cuts and styles were form flattering on me! Working with her made fashion fun again. One miracle was that she was even able to piece together great outfits from clothes that were already in my closet. From then on I was reassured that this wasn't just a job for her, I could tell she loved her job much more than just the surface level. Since working with her I have worn so many things that I bought and then could never figure out how to wear. I can't thank or recommend Sasha enough! I plan on scheduling my next session soon.

Kris Michaels

Walk Along Waterfront

It was a fantastic experience working with you, and I have been having a great time integrating my new pieces, and thinking about my clothes in new and different ways. Overall, I had a really fantastic time.

Lu Wong

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