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Appreciating Nature

Ever since I first started photography, the two things I always shot for assignments seem to be trees and flowers. As part of nature I think they should be appreciated. This shot was taken a few weeks ago at a national park/reserve area. There was a passer-by who asked me what I was doing, and I replied, ” Taking a photo.” He had a clueless look on his face. I guess he didn’t see the beauty in what I saw. 

In a previous post, I wrote about perspective. Here I see the depth in the image, although repetitive, the angles and focal point makes an interesting photo.  

Hope your hump day was better than mine. xx

Slice of San Francisco

As a kid, my parents sent me postcards every time they travelled to different countries and I have a distinct memory of the one my mum sent me from San Francisco. It had the Golden Gate Bridge on it, all lit up at night. I must have been about 5 but I had always hoped to visit the place on that postcard. I still keep all of these postcards in a box somewhere.

I did not leave my heart in San Francisco but in October this year, my husband and I embarked on our honeymoon to the United States. Our first stop was this beautiful city by the bay, San Francisco. Our journey there on the plane felt like it was never ending at 15 hours but we were happy to land.

As much as we were tired and had been awake for hours, the excitement of being in a new city and continent altogether was exhilarating. We stayed in the Union Square district of the city which was central and definitely touristy. Actually most of San Francisco is touristy! Everywhere we went, there were queues but it’s got to be done to tick some of those things of the list- things one needs to do in San Francisco.

I don’t mean to go on but jet lag was a killer but when we surfaced some 24 hours later, we went on a bus tour. One of those hop on hop off double decker bus things, but I would definitely recommend it for those of you that don’t have a lot of time in a city and would like to explore and see the best bits. It was easy and convenient especially in a place like San Francisco, where it’s vast and hilly. Fleet week was going on the week we were in the city which was great. For those that don’t know, fleet week is when the US Navy and Coast Guards dock and there are loads of activities that happen at port. We bumped into a parade that started at Pier 39 and saw some sailors!

San Francisco is a beautiful city. I loved the architecture of the terrace homes similar to ones like in the movie, Mrs Doubtfire.

View of the Coit Tower and Bay Bridge

Crookedest street- Lombard St

We spent 3-4 days in the city (including time to recover after flying) and we managed to cover most of the highlights including Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, Alcatraz, ate lots of good food and climbed and walked a lot up and down the slopes of San Francisco.

One of the many street cars around

My most favourite thing by far in San Fran was the cable car ride. We did two on the entire trip and would have done more however the queues were always long. Although it is a typical thing to do, it is a must! It was exhilarating going up and down the steep slopes, a bit like a subtle roller coaster.



Hope you enjoyed this travel post. Please let me know what you think, I’d appreciate the feedback xx 

Perspective in Sydney


I have always liked photographs with cool perspectives. It is a play on angles, shapes and depth. This is a photograph I took in Sydney in July earlier this year whilst walking around the city. Architecture and landscape photos are something I delve into as I naturally enjoy and appreciate what I see around me. 

Hope you like this short and sweet snippet. x

Slow Fashion Vs Fast Fashion

A topic that’s becoming more and more common is minimalism. With minimalism and fashion, the subject of slow fashion is becoming a trending topic in the fashion industry and sustainability.

At fashion houses, there are 2 main seasons a year, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Each season comprises of a collection of outfits that lead the trends for that particular times of the year. ‘Fast fashion’ is when the commercial brands such as H&M and Zara come up with different collections throughout the year (almost 10-to be exact!), imitating trends and style from the catwalks all around the world. So in simple terms, the cycle of fast fashion is essentially brought on from slow fashion.

In my research of slow fashion in the last few months, I have learn a lot about the production of clothing and materials that are used in clothing- this also includes where they originate from. I find this very interesting and it has made me think a lot about the clothes I wear.

Living in a country like Australia, I have always tried to support Australian made and locally produced and made things. Due to the fact taxes in this country are high, we pay more for goods and being on a big island, it costs more to bring international brands to Australia.

On the plus side more people are getting more educated about consumerism and since topics like minimalism have been more popular, the appreciation of buying less is becoming more prevalent. I have always stuck by the philosophy that investing in quality investment pieces that you love and are made well is better for the environment and the cost-per-wear factor of those items is of a higher value.

Generally, the cost to produce clothing that is ethically made would be higher hence putting majority of people off and they will continue to shop at trendy and cheaper outlets. So there it goes again, that vicious cycle…

Any thoughts on slow fashion? 

Animal Love at the Melbourne Zoo

When I was 7, I went to the zoo with my school for the first time- well as far as I can remember anyway, and my experience then was marred by a bird doing it’s business on my brand new bag. Surprisingly, that did not put me off going back there again.


I shot these images almost 6 months ago, but for some reason hadn’t posted them. I think life got in the way however I think one should never let imagery go to waste. This was my first visit to the Melbourne Zoo. It is a great expanse and lots of room around to roam. It definitely makes a great out with family and kids ( if you have any!) I went with my husband and in-laws and spent a good 3-4 hours there.


When I visit any zoo my favourite animal by far has to be the elephants followed by fur cats such as the tigers. I guess the biggest thing that drew me were the elephants. The Melbourne Zoo has a huge elephant enclosure with about something like 10-12 animals there (not forgetting a baby). We were fortunate enough to see elephants at bath time. It was so much fun to watch the interaction between the caretakers and elephants as they each had their baths. Food was definitely motivation for them! I could sit watching for hours and it amazes how animals so big as them are so well-trained to follow certain instruction so they move around accordingly to get their scrub down.




The zoo is a great place for kids (and adults!) to learn more about animals and nature however it was a little disappointing when some of the animals were not in their enclosures or asleep but nonetheless they need their rest too. For those of you who haven’t been to the Melbourne Zoo, do check it out. It is easily accessible by tram no 55 or if you prefer to drive there is a huge car park outside. It’s a great activity to do especially for the coming summer months.



Till next time, S xx