Slow Fashion Vs Fast Fashion

A topic that’s becoming more and more common is minimalism. With minimalism and fashion, the subject of slow fashion is becoming a trending topic in the fashion industry and sustainability.

At fashion houses, there are 2 main seasons a year, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Each season comprises of a collection of outfits that lead the trends for that particular times of the year. ‘Fast fashion’ is when the commercial brands such as H&M and Zara come up with different collections throughout the year (almost 10-to be exact!), imitating trends and style from the catwalks all around the world. So in simple terms, the cycle of fast fashion is essentially brought on from slow fashion.

In my research of slow fashion in the last few months, I have learn a lot about the production of clothing and materials that are used in clothing- this also includes where they originate from. I find this very interesting and it has made me think a lot about the clothes I wear.

Living in a country like Australia, I have always tried to support Australian made and locally produced and made things. Due to the fact taxes in this country are high, we pay more for goods and being on a big island, it costs more to bring international brands to Australia.

On the plus side more people are getting more educated about consumerism and since topics like minimalism have been more popular, the appreciation of buying less is becoming more prevalent. I have always stuck by the philosophy that investing in quality investment pieces that you love and are made well is better for the environment and the cost-per-wear factor of those items is of a higher value.

Generally, the cost to produce clothing that is ethically made would be higher hence putting majority of people off and they will continue to shop at trendy and cheaper outlets. So there it goes again, that vicious cycle…

Any thoughts on slow fashion?