Hello 2017!

I like to start the new year with a good start and not to mention, a new dress. This new baby was a Christmas present from my dad (I chose it) however the weather has been pretty hot for it, so on Christmas day I had to resort to wearing something else. This off-shoulder silhouette is very much on-trend and it was the major attraction for me however the lace on it is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks to my lovely husband, we took some photos on this beautiful summer day.

I have reflected on last year’s achievements and milestone moments in the previous post but for this year one of my main goals is self- improvement. For me, I would like to spend 2017 working on myself among other things. I would like to work on my health and fitness, spending more time on my hobbies and definitely improving my bank balance. I think I have made good track so far, I went to the gym today and have plans to keep going 3-4 times a week. Hopefully, I will get to a peak in my fitness with a bit of time management and endurance.

Dress – Portmans (Sold Out) Similar

What about you, have you made your resolutions for the new year? 

Much love and blessings to you all for a great 2017 xxx. 

Slow Fashion Vs Fast Fashion

A topic that’s becoming more and more common is minimalism. With minimalism and fashion, the subject of slow fashion is becoming a trending topic in the fashion industry and sustainability.

At fashion houses, there are 2 main seasons a year, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Each season comprises of a collection of outfits that lead the trends for that particular times of the year. ‘Fast fashion’ is when the commercial brands such as H&M and Zara come up with different collections throughout the year (almost 10-to be exact!), imitating trends and style from the catwalks all around the world. So in simple terms, the cycle of fast fashion is essentially brought on from slow fashion.

In my research of slow fashion in the last few months, I have learn a lot about the production of clothing and materials that are used in clothing- this also includes where they originate from. I find this very interesting and it has made me think a lot about the clothes I wear.

Living in a country like Australia, I have always tried to support Australian made and locally produced and made things. Due to the fact taxes in this country are high, we pay more for goods and being on a big island, it costs more to bring international brands to Australia.

On the plus side more people are getting more educated about consumerism and since topics like minimalism have been more popular, the appreciation of buying less is becoming more prevalent. I have always stuck by the philosophy that investing in quality investment pieces that you love and are made well is better for the environment and the cost-per-wear factor of those items is of a higher value.

Generally, the cost to produce clothing that is ethically made would be higher hence putting majority of people off and they will continue to shop at trendy and cheaper outlets. So there it goes again, that vicious cycle…

Any thoughts on slow fashion? 

Viktor and Rolf NGV Exhibition

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of having an artsy day, as I would call it. I decided to visit the National Gallery of Victoria as I like to delve into an exhibition there every few months. The last time I had a bumper gallery day was in April this year during the Andy Warhol and Ai Wei Wei  exhibition. My familiarity with the Dutch duo, Viktor & Rolf is from being fashion designers and also producing the famous fragrance, Flowerbomb.


One of my favourite pieces from the exhibition


Russian Doll

Russian Doll



Cutting Edge

I won’t elaborate too much about the exhibition as I feel that if this is your cup of tea you should go see it for yourself, so this post only has a gist of what I saw. Viktor and Rolf definitely take the phrase, “fashion as art” to a whole new level. Their conceptual themes in approach every fashion show is phenomenal and truly makes their audience wonder.

img_7276 img_7277


My favourite collection from the Danish duo is the Wearable Art installation which was the Fall 2015 Haute Couture season in Paris. The fashion designers transformed broken picture frames that the models wore down the catwalk and then removed them and hung them up as art pieces.



So, for those of you who would like to see more of this awesome exhibition it is on at the NGV in Melbourne until the 26th February 2017. Definitely must see for all fashion and haute couture fans!!!

How to Wear Statement Jewellery

I have worked in the jewellery/retail industry for the last 6 years and love everything about it. I for one never used to wear any jewellery. The only stuff I had worn were fashion bits from Sportsgirl or Diva, so when I started working in a luxury jewellery establishment I learnt a lot! I learnt the works from differences and types of gold all the way to Swarovski and more. I still work with jewellery so I’m fortunate enough to own some lovely pieces and of course wear them.


I guess to sum it up, it is safe to say I can tell you a thing or two about how to wear jewellery and today I will be talking specifically about statement pieces.

  1. Less is more

    Bold pieces should be allowed to stand out so make sure not to overdo it with more than one statement piece at a time. If you do feel the need to wear more than one piece pair them tastefully. For example if you are wearing a statement necklace, keep the earrings something simple instead of big chandelier earrings.

    The key is to keep it chic. Another thing is you don’t have to spend much on statement pieces. Yes, I know I have a Swarovski piece but you can easily find awesome pieces from vintage shops, thrift stores and mix and match using your personal sense of style. Big tip: hand-me-downs can be amazing too!

Photo by Brian Heap

Photo by Brian Heap

  1. Keep it simple

    When you wear big statement accessories, simple clothes are enough to make an outfit. Stay clear of big embellishments and sequins mixed with bold jewellery. The clashing of styles can also make fashion faux-pas. Remember you want your statement piece to stand out, so match items wisely. You want your piece to be the centre of attention, creating a highlight on one item is enough instead of too many pieces put together. A little black dress is a the perfect blank canvas for key jewellery pieces.


Dress by French Connection

Necklace by Swarovski

3. Create an outfit

Remember that when you style your statement jewellery there should be a cohesive look or it should look good! Style pearls with a frock for a vintage flapper look, or put a chunky ring a wooden bangles with a bohemian skirt for that gypsy look. Colour themes also work well to create an outfit. When you have a similar style or theme your create a story within your outfit and that in itself makes a statement.

4. Have fun with it and show your style spirit!

Just like clothes, jewellery is a form of expression and can reflection your personality. My best recommendation would be to be yourself and have fun with your style spirit. You might have a signature item of jewellery or specific colour of jewellery, regardless there is no boundary to your imagination and creativity!



This necklace has been my latest statement piece purchase of the season and it is from Swarovski. I am a huge fan and collector of this crystal jewellery brand and I am a proud owner of this Eminence Necklace. It was truly love at first sight and I knew I had to own this gorgeous piece. I have already worn this a few times and can’t wait to wear it some more.

Generally I love to style it with simple black and white or neutral colours. I love the colours on this piece and the way it sits on the neckline. Here I have styled it with denim and this can be worn for a casual Sunday lunch.

Lastly big thank you to my gorgeous husband, Brian Heap for taking some of these photos for me and your patience xo.


Do you have a favourite statement jewellery item?   

I am always looking forward to your comments and suggestions. Let me know if you liked my post xx

* Disclaimer: All items featured were purchased me.

Be Stylish and Stay Warm This Winter

As I write this post, the heater is turned on and my face is literally freezing. It is in times like these, all I want to do is hibernate, and probably will continue to do so for the next 5 months! I feel that most of us will probably want to just rug up and hence style is secondary. Yes, I admit I am guilty of that but this winter I am trying to keep style primary and still be comfortable (and warm!) Here I have some ways to remain challenged in your fashion sense over winter.


The first big tip I have would be layering. Personally I don’t like walking around like a bloated penguin so in order to counter than I wear layers. Right now, it is 5-11 degrees Celsius in Ballarat so that means about 3-4 items to keep me warm.

Generally, start with basic staple wardrobe pieces such as singlet tops and t-shirt tops and then for winter- a knit over the top and over that a jacket or coat and maybe depending on the cold factor, I accessorise with a scarf.


Image via pinterest


Olivia Palermo is one person whom I feel emulates this art very well. She pairs up statement pieces with basic staples all the time and is probably one of my favourite street style icons.

Choice of Materials

I only recently started focusing more in this point, as I have just started placing an important in fabrics and quality of materials used in clothing however choosing your material during winter might be helpful depending on your lifestyle and personal circumstance such as body temperature. Not everyone is alike and some people feel the cold more than others.

It is quite simple really.

  • Inner layer = thin material and is body contoured to fit your shape
  • Middle layer = thicker material, bulky and warm to trap the air
  • Outer layer = waterproof, wind proof and good warm insulation in your jacket or coat.

I find that materials such as cotton are great for inner layer basics and pair that with wool, leather or even blends will help keep warm. If you get too warm, just peel a layer! Along with layering and choosing the right materials, you can definitely create stylish looks for your winter wardrobe.

Key Pieces to Look for this Winter

  • Fluffy jacket
  • Knitted dress
  • Boots
  • Scarves



Hope you enjoyed this post and have a stylish season my lovelies xx