Being Present and the 9/11 Memorial

Today’s is a quick post with a few memories from our trip to New York. Last year, (yes very late post!) my husband and I went on our honeymoon to the Big Apple as part of our US adventure. The 9/11 Memorial as it is known by is a tribute to the lives lost on September 11th 2001. It is the location of the World Trade Center, which was where the Twin Towers that used to stand and were destroyed during the attacks.

Due to last minute planning we only visited the memorial site and did not make it into the museum (which is highly recommended) that had long queues. Our visit to the site was slightly solemn and for most of Sept 11 is a day still etched in our hearts. Both my husband and  remember the day quite clear. I was 14 at the time and was about to sit for a major exam in my high school life. The news was all over the television and think for most part of the world, we did not realise what had happened. The World Trade Centre attacks were probably the first of the beginning of terrorist attacks.

Although our visit to the 9/11 Memorial was not a joyous and entirely happy occasion, it was definitely a reflection of gratitude for life and remembering all the lives lost on that tragic day. In the last few weeks, I have spent more time journalling and through that daily reflection of practicing gratitude. I have a gratitude journal of sorts and in it I write down what I am thankful for in my life, things I would like to do in my day, affirmations and then a look back on the highlights of what made my day.

Through this way of journalling I have found that I am more conscious and I am present in my day. In the hustle and bustle of the modern society we live in, life goes so quickly and year after year passes us my without us realising why we do what we do. I meet people daily who are so bitter and also some that continuously complain about monotonous negativity. Sometimes I wonder if these people realise how blessed and fortunate we are to be alive, to have civilisation, to have be living in a developed world where we have clothes, yummy wholesome food and more. Yes, I’m sure I fall prey to negativity but for the most part all I want is my loved ones to be healthy and happy.

All photos by Myself


I will have a few more New York posts coming up over the next little while so stay tuned!