Self Care and Balance

Mindfulness has been a topic on every wellness website and blog for a while now and I feel it’s all I can see and hear. As someone who works a few jobs and has a busy life in general, I have learnt that in order to keep going and have work life balance I need to do little things everyday to help me to function at my best. In the world we live in now, creating balance is vital as everything is quite fast-paced and technology is developed and everywhere to the point we need to care for ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically to enjoy the simpler things in life. Here are a few tips how I practice self-care everyday.

Love my Body 

Loving my body for me is caring for my physical self through the practices I make daily. I like nourishing by body by eating fresh food and I love a good salad or nutritious bowl full of protein, carbs and fats. I honestly have not been the most diligent when it comes to exercise but when I do I love to walk the lake, ride a bike or more toning exercises such as Pilates.


For years, I have heard all the benefits that meditation could possibly do for me but it was only until a few months did I think I could make room for this in my own life.

I have never been known to sit still but personal circumstances over the years have caused me to develop some anxiety and depression, with this I have found that practicing meditation where breathing especially helps me greatly as I begin my day or even through the day. I like to use a guided meditation app on my phone and the one’s that I have tried are Smiling Mind and Headspace.

Meditation can differ from person to person. Other than listening  and reflecting, I also journal after I meditate practicing gratitude. I think that by spending even 5 minutes can make a difference and for me personally, I can clarity and relaxation from doing this. It creates a good foundation for priming my day to be the best ever.


I read an article that most CEOs read on average 60 books a year. Who would have thought some of the busiest people and leaders of the world would have any time to spare to read book.., well I thought if they can I will make it a point to myself.

I love learning more and reading is one of the easiest way to do so. I love to read non-fiction through the day and just before bed, fiction. Another mode of reading that I have adopted is listening to audiobooks. I mostly listen to non-fiction books varying from business to self-development and personal growth. Listening is awesome because I can do it in the car and on-the-go. It is also a great way for me to focus and practice my audio skills better.

It never seizes to amaze me but reading does wonders for my soul and I feel like a fulfilled person when I do so.

Shot by Brian Heap // Location: The Stripes, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Self awareness is the key when it comes to listening to my body and knowing when to take time out or treat myself. I continuously make mental notes and ensure that to keep my health and wellbeing in the best shape, I do everything I need to in order to achieve my best.
These photos were taken when we went on holiday to Malaysia earlier this year. My husband and I have at least one overseas holiday a year. We love travel but for me going overseas is what I love most. Can’t wait for the next one already!

What do you do for self-care? I love to hear your thoughts in the comments.