Dior Exhibition at the NGV Melbourne

Since I first heard of the Dior exhibition’s existence, I had been looking forward to going to see it. We are very fortunate to have so many acclaimed exhibitions that come through our city of Melbourne and I love going to them every season. This post has taken a while to get written, so unfortunately for those that have missed this exhibition is has just finished however here are some photos of my visit there.

Ever since my interest in fashion and haute couture began, Christian Dior has been one of the prominent fashion houses I have always had my eye on. I remember waiting for the Paris Fashion Week shows then going on the InStyle website (back in the day) for me to go through all the images of the couture shows especially my favourites, Dior and Chanel. From memory, John Galliano was creative director at the time and by far my favourite designer at Dior. I felt that Galliano combined the old with new very well and was ‘on point’ as he recreated the ‘New Look’. As much as Galliano came with a bit of controversy he had his own unique way of bringing modernity into the classic Dior silhouette.


Christian Dior revolutionised the way women dressed after the war and brought life to the grief and uniformity that came with the gloom of war time. Dior’s attempt to bring back femininity into the female dress silhouette definitely has played a huge part in the history of fashion and till this day the hourglass curves continually make its way down the catwalk.

I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition and in my opinion it was the best one from NGV Melbourne for 2017. It was jam packed 3-4 hours with heaps to see and listen to. For me, Christian Dior is one of those fashion houses that is rich in history and a designer that has influenced fashion immensely. If you ever get the opportunity to see a Dior exhibition such as this and you have great interest in fashion, please do yourself a favour and see it.