Sundays with my Bulldog and a Leather Jacket

Sundays are my favourite day of the week and I think it’s because I get to spend it with my loved ones. I work some weekends so every time Sunday comes around I know either I get a day off of I don’t, which makes me cherish the next Sunday I do have off.

For Brian and I, our day normally begins with a sleep in and then our dog Rondo, jumps into bed for a cuddle. I love putting a record on and recently we have been playing the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 soundtrack. It has the perfect mix of 70s and 80s tracks, great morning dance music and Rondo loves to have a wiggle with me. After a cup of tea, we go out for breakfast sometimes brunch to our usual spot. The Olive Grove is a favourite of ours for many reasons, but a big reason is they do an awesome breakfast.

Our Sunday is normally then filled with a few errands and sometimes a quick outfit shoot. Sometimes we explore our surrounding areas or go for a movie. When the weather is bad, we Netflix and chill. Regardless of what my family and I do, I cherish Sundays because I get to spend it with my most loved.

This is the first post I have featuring my dear little man, Rondo. My husband and I adopted this gorgeous Australian Bulldog, 6 months ago and we have been smitten ever since. Rondo is definitely our baby even though he just turned 6. The good looking boy has so much personality and we love every bit of being Bulldog owners including snoring and sleeping all the time.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I have been taking steps to practice a more fair and ethical approach to the way I shop. This is not something that has happened overnight but has taken me almost two years to develop. As much as I love fashion, it wasn’t till recently that I actually started to question my purchases and where or how they were made. I have progressively been reading a lot and watching numerous videos about fast fashion and sustainability. I guess I never realised the impact of what we wear had on the environment.

This brings me to the leather jacket I am wearing in this blogpost. I purchased this Ena Pelly navy leather biker jacket from the local Blanc Boutique earlier this year when I fell in love with the buttery soft leather and the navy colour. It was a lovely change from the typical black leather jacket and I already owned one. A little while after I made the purchase, I felt slightly guilty. I could not explain it but I think other than the hefty price tag, I felt that as much as the item I had bought was a quality investment piece, I did not feel I did the jacket was me. I kept it for a few months and thought about all the ways I could wear this beautiful jacket but was unsettled and decided to remove it from my wardrobe.

Most of you will be happy to know that the jacket now has a home somewhere in Western Australia after I listed it on eBay and sold it. Hopefully it’s new owner will do it more justice and love it more than I ever did. It took me a while to write and post this blog post, firstly because it is facing the vulnerability, that I need to be true to myself even in style matters. As I tell my audience about this I face slight judgement but this is the journey I have decided to set myself on.

In my journey to sourcing more ethical and fair-made clothing I think it is important that I know where the clothes I buy are made, who made the clothes and where the factories are based. I am not a vegan but I think that if I wear leather, it would be good to know where it has come from or that at least the brands can be transparent with where their materials are sourced and produced.

Shot by Brian Heap // Model @rondo_snores

Location: Fairyland, Lake Wendouree in Ballarat

JACKET Ena Pelly
DRESS Zara (old)
BOOTS Fortress of Inca (similar)