Bohemian Chic in Kuala Lumpur

It has been more than a month since we went to Malaysia for a holiday. It was exactly what my husband and I needed in the middle of winter. We spent a whole week in the tropics where the weather was lovely, hot and humid. The week was pure bliss filled with lots of good food, shopping and visiting family of course. I had an awesome week as I could bust out all my summer outfits. Since I live in a cold place like Ballarat, my legs don’t see much sunlight in the winter months and a break right in the middle of the coldest months was just what I needed.

Personally, I need to have a holiday once or twice a year to reboot and recharge. I love everything about travel from the lead up to airports and the actual holiday. The worst part is probably the excruciating long flights I have to go through to get to my destinations. My family lives overseas hence why I use this opportunity to travel and visit family, a good excuse for a holiday.

Here are some outfit shots we took while visiting the historical, Independence Square better known as Dataran Merdeka in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city in Malaysia. My husband had never been here so my mum and I thought it would be good to show him and include a little history lesson as well. Always a bonus when we can take some outfit photos. I have to highlight that the weather in Malaysia is tropical as it’s close to the Equator. It is normally 27-35 degrees Celsius for the most part of the year and the humidity is high at 90 percent. Forgive me for my frizzy hair as humidity does not help curls at all.

As a child, my mum used to bring us here for the annual celebrations held here where we would have all sit on the lawn and watch performances before ushering in the new year with fireworks. This spot is etched in Malaysia history books as significant when Malaysia gained independence from the British in 1957. The Neo-Moorish architecture of the buildings, now used as courthouses is very much what built at the time and reflects colonisation and influence of different colonial powers that came through Malaya then.


In this blogpost, I would like to introduce my love for the brand Spell and the Gypsy Collective. The dress I am wearing is from the Australian brand who hail from Bryon Bay and are all about bohemian gypsy care-free style. I found them a couple of years ago but the brand has grown immensely of late. I love the fabrics that Elizabeth and Isabella Spell- the founders of Spell, use in their various collections as they play with different styles and silhouettes and there is a huge influence from the 70s, which I’m starting to adapt more into my wardrobe.

Shot by Brian Heap & my mum // Location: Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

SHOES Converse
BAG Sportsgirl (Old)

As person, I am constantly learning, growing and developing. I find I learn new things everyday. I love to read (and recently have started listening to audio books too!) and through reading I learn most of what I know. I have so many blog posts on backlog due to illness, first gastrointestinal illness then the flu. This has delayed everything for 2 weeks as it took some time to recover, recuperate and get my body to where it should be.

Growing up with two academic parents, one an environmentalist, marine biologist and the other a botanist plant person, I have always been conscious about caring for the environment and how the things we do play a part in impact to the environment. I can’t say I have been a complete eco-conscious person however I recycle and try and tread a little more lighter on this earth to make it a better place.

Long story short, I have decided to change the way I shop and will try my best to only buy ethically fair made items. It is a huge step for me but I feel that eco fashion and sustainability is something I am truly passionate about and supporting local ethical brands is what I would like for Style by Sasha, hence why I have Spell for this blogpost. You can read all about their sustainability practice on their blog.

Hope you are having an awesome week!


~S xx