A Wedding Dress and Working Together

A few months ago, I collaborated with a few talented women and together we worked on a photo shoot showcasing local Ballarat bridal boutique, Claudia Co Australia designs.

I first met Claudia via the internet when I was on the hunt for my own wedding dress in 2015. I was in Malaysia at the time and looking for my dream dress was not easy. All in all, I decided I would either purchase a second hand designer gown or get someone to make my gown. Personally, as much as I loved fashion I did not want to pay an exorbitant amount for a dress I would wear only once.

I have always admired gowns by Jenny Packham and Australian designer, Lover. The style and aesthetic of these two designers had a bohemian vibe yet the use of materials such as lace and silk were unique. I finally narrowed the specification of my choice to enlist the help of Claudia after seeing a beautiful spread of a wedding in the Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine. I’m always for supporting your local and when I found that Claudia Co was in Ballarat, I was keen to share my plans for that dream wedding dress with Claudia.

The entire process of designing my wedding dress was made easy and smooth sailing thanks to Claudia, which is exactly how wedding planning should be. Even though I was in Malaysia (for most part of the design process), communication was clear and she was always there to ask every question I had, which may have been quite a few. I finally got to meet Claudia in person when I returned to Australia a few months before the wedding and we started our fittings for the dress. Seeing the dress ‘come to life’ together with her made me feel really involved in the creation of my wedding dress. I have written about my wedding dress in a previous blog post here. Just a little interesting fact, the fabric you see in the photo above is the same fabric that was in my skirt and train.

Claudia is one of the kindest and most beautiful people I know inside and out and we kept in contact even after the wedding. I love supporting small business owners especially in my home of Ballarat as it is not an easy journey sometimes and every little bit counts. After offering to work together with Claudia, she organised for a group of us to get together and a photo shoot came to fruition. All four of us, together with our skills and talents came together one rainy afternoon and voila!


I naturally enjoy being behind the viewfinder than I do being in front of the camera but seeing that this was my first collaboration since I was a photography student at RMIT, I was a little nervous but the ladies were very encouraging and the shoot went along well. We worked with very basic background and lighting but I think everything tied along beautifully and the end result was amazing.

I enjoy working with like minded people especially women and this collaboration was an amazing experience. It helped me learn more about myself and I would love to more of these down the track. I am already dreaming of doing an outdoor shoot someday as I love working with natural sunlight and landscape backgrounds.

Thank you so much ladies! I’m glad to have met each and every one of you and most of all thank you Claud for bringing us together. I adore the result and hope you do too.

Styling and Dresses: Claudia Co Australia
Photography by Me
  • Claudia Searle

    ADORE & thankYOU! Xox