A Touch of Blush in Winter

Winter always gets dreary especially after having a couple of months of single digit weather. Personally, I feel this season is the one that puts me in a slump out of all the seasons. The lack of sunlight and hibernation-mode when I’m always in my robe, does not help.

This year, I have started to change my style a little bit more. I hit the big 3- 0 last October. Since then, I have sold most of the clothes accumulated over the last 4 years. I’m not sure if it’s an age thing or just my personal sense of style but I stopped wearing 80 percent of the clothes I owned. I still hung on to them for sentimental reasons but there were also some clothes that I did not wear due to size and also because some didn’t suit my taste anymore.

I have kept my wardrobe concise and edited which makes it easy to dress, without too much choice however I then find I don’t have enough variety in my wardrobe. I love shopping and styling so you will definitely see the clothes I own and love, and see my style develop.

I love colour and statement pieces so for this winter, I have focused on styling single pieces and pull the entire look together around that single item. Accessories are the easiest way to style outfits and I have blogged about styling outfits using statement jewellery in a previous blog here.

When I first saw this hat, I fell in love with the style and then the colour. I am very fond of hats even though I don’t wear them all the time. My husband and I seem to collect them between us. I have been thinking of getting all DIY and making a hat-corner in our home.  I thought a lot about things I could wear it with and if it suited me but when the hat went on sale, I grabbed the bargain.

Fedora hats have always been my go-to style of hat to wear as I think it suit me quite well. I must have a big head! I have a few of these in black so another colour is a great addition to my collection. This particular one has a black band around to give it some contrast.

Another key styling technique is layering. Winter in Ballarat is cold. Unlike Melbourne where the temperatures drop gradually, in Ballarat the change can go from 20 degrees to 10 degrees in a day. Over the 6 years I have lived in Ballarat, I have learnt that layering is the easiest way not to look like an eskimo! I still feel the cold but I have acclimatised to the weather conditions better.

I have paired the look with my coat of the season by Gorman here which I will feature in an upcoming post, where I might talk about my love for Gorman. Although there are 2 statement pieces in this look I think the colours still compliment each other and brings the whole outfit together. Plus the coat is so warm and comfortable.
Knit Jumper: Sportsgirl
Coat: Gorman
Jeans: Country Road
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Location: Ballarat
Photos: My husband

Hope you have been enjoying the last few consistent posts. I have put a little more effort with my photography and styling as this is the direction I would like to take Style by Sasha to. I have also tried my best to link all the items worn above to the best I can so that if you are interested in getting them for yourselves you can. Have a lovely week! xx