Scenes from Alcatraz

Wishing all of you lovely readers a Merry Christmas!! So, I have completely bypassed Christmas on the blog, but that’s just because I work in the retail industry and I have been completely bogged down by the craziness of it all.

Christmas was a lovely day. I spent it with my husband and his family which started with opening of presents with the kids, Christmas lunch which rolls on to dinner. We had to have an afternoon nap with all that good food and pudding. The scorching heat did not help either. All in all, Christmas was lovely minus the pre-Christmas and post Christmas aka Boxing Day shopping craze. Hopefully now, the storm is over and we can usher the new year in.

This is a continuation of my series of photos from the US. On our trip to San Francisco, one of the main attractions we visited was the Rock, better known as Alcatraz. It was an interesting visit to Alcatraz, we were a little tired and not to mention hungover but nonetheless it had to be done.

To get over to the island, we got a ferry after the queues and the waiting we finally got there. Alcatraz is about 15-20 minutes on the ferry away from the San Francisco mainland. Upon arrival on the island, we were given a briefing and then proceed into the building. I would definitely recommended taking opportunity of the audio tour which was informative and you can do it at your own pace which I love. One could easily spend 2-3 hours there walking the grounds and exploring cells, if that takes your fancy.

All in all, our visit to Alcatraz was I guess a slight eye-opening experience as I have never been into a prison and this one it particular has been popular due to it’s inhabitants such as Al Capone. Alcatraz is also the oldest standing lighthouse. I would encourage anyone travelling to San Francisco to visit this place as it is historical and also big in popular culture. One of my favourite movies that features Alcatraz would have to be the The Rock (1996) which has Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage.

            I hope you enjoyed my travels so far. I have some more adventures coming your way so stay tuned. xx