Found a New Favourite Place

I love exploring new places and of course revisiting my old favourites. I came to this gorgeous place a few weeks ago. Lavendula Lavender Farm is situated about 10 minutes away from Daylesford and is close to Mt. Franklin in country Victoria. It was a beautiful summer day and great to soak up some sunshine. A botanical oasis in the middle of nowhere, I would really rather keep this secret all to myself.

There is a restaurant at the property to have a meal or coffee, sit by the lake, and enjoy the surroundings. I had a lavender lemonade to quench my thirst accompanied by a croque monsieur, also known as cheese toasted sandwich for lunch. I think altogether we wandered around the farm for a good couple of hours. There is a homestead there that has been kept in it’s original condition since the first Italian family moved into the property. The land is self sufficient with a herb and vegetable garden. It even has it’s very own resident emu (pic below).

I loved how serene the gardens were not too mention well maintained. The venue is perfect for weddings! Lavandula is at it’s peak in the summer months especially during lavender harvest time. As much as I knew I where I was, it felt like I could have been somewhere in Europe. This is definitely going to remain one of my favourite places to visit and enjoy the beautiful lavender fields.


Hope your Christmas holidays have been enjoyable and looking forward to ushering the new year in with you lovely lot xxx

  • Leigh

    I have great memories of the festival held yearly. The lavender, the wine,music and my 3 year old granddaughter dancing with a small Italian boy. Magical!