A Retrospective of 2016

2016. Oh. What. A. Year. I know it’s cliche and everyone says this but I cannot believe the year is almost over.  This year has flown by and it has been a huge year for me. I like going through all achievements and reassess the goals I made for the year, then see whether I have succeeded or not. I will not be sharing my personal goals on the blog however here are some big things from my year thus far.

Life: So apart from family, friends and travelling I have had so much going on. As I moved back to Australia, settling back into life in general has taken a good few months, which was followed by our wedding (me and my Mr.) and this was the best day of my life. It was perfect, filled with all my favourite people and I got married to the the love of my life, Brian. Oh yes, and I got to wear a beautiful dress, gorgeous, I felt like a princess.

Photo by One Point Photography

Photo by One Point Photography

But other than the best day of my life, a huge achievement has to be finally getting my license! Yes it has taken a long but I finally did it. Bit the bullet and bought a car too. It was a big relief and now the convenience of driving makes life a whole lot easier. Among other things, 2016 was the year I joined the grown up club, 3-0. Yes I hit 30. Hopefully I am a little wiser. I’m glad to have gone through everything I have in my 30 years of living. It has made me appreciate my life more and all the little things!

People: Speaking of friends, this year I have made some new ones and reunited with some old ones. As much as 2016 has been full on, we have had a few weddings on including our own which has been great for catching up and bringing people together. Brian and I are happy to have amazing friends around us and as much as daily life is busy and it’s hard to make time, we try our best to.

Travel: As much we would like to see more of the world, we have personal goals that restrain us from spending everything we earn on travelling but nonetheless we did a bit of interstate travel in Australia and managed to do one international trip.

We went to Sydney for a short trip for my husband’s graduation in July this year. It was good going back to my home of 3 years and revisiting the bustling city. We also went to Adelaide in August for a friend’s wedding, although it was a brief holiday, we have been convinced to return in the future.

For our honeymoon in October, we headed to the United States where we visited San Francisco and New York City. The trip was truly magical and a dream come true. I loved every moment of being in New York City and have hopes of returning. There is an upcoming New York blog post soon so I won’t elaborate!!

Blogging: I took a step back for a few months as I had too much on my place and was immensely de-motivated to post anything. However, if you have been paying close attention of late, you would notice that I have been posting more regularly especially this last month. Definitely a start to bigger and better things.

Lastly I have to say a HUGE thank you to all of you out there who continually come back to read my blog. This online space is a creative expression for myself and my way of leaving a mark. I enjoy creating fashion and lifestyle content and it’s great to have feedback from my readers as it helps me to improve continually.

Have a Happy New Year and many Blessings for all my lovelies xxx