Capsule Wardrobe: My Style

Over the last few months, I have read more about capsule wardrobes and have contemplated building my own. I have previously attempted to set the foundation for it in a post I did last year and I did but did not really set guidelines or think about it that much. It was more that I had a limited wardrobe being in a country where the weather was hot and humid all year round and that my stay was temporary.


When I returned to Australia, I had a bigger wardrobe with about 2 huge luggages, 4 to 5 boxes of clothes and counting. Our new place did not have the double built-in wardrobes my previous apartment had- and this time I was sharing a home with my now husband!! Therefore less space between the both of us. Another thing I realised was, out of all the stuff I has I probably only wore 30 percent of my wardrobe. I genuinely have a great love for shopping and buying new things was the definitely one of the reason’s I decided to give the ‘capsule wardrobe’ setup a good go.

For those of you for are unfamiliar with of the concept of a capsule wardrobe, Caroline who explains and practiced the ideas of capsules on her blog, Unfancy shows great examples of she goes about them. The capsule that she does is called Project 333 where there is a set number of 33 items and this consists of everything except gym clothes,  There are a few different versions of capsules but essentially a capsule wardrobe is a selection of staple items of clothing based on seasonal pieces. I have also picked some tips from another fellow blogger, Jaime from Mademoiselle. So for those of who want to learn more or adapt these practices into your own lifestyle, you may also want to check, Into Mind out.

In short, the idea with setting up a capsule wardrobe is that you have a fixed number of items and utilise the set wardrobe for the period of the season specified. I know, those who know me might think I have gone a little crazy but I have my reasons for doing this challenge. A major part of it is that I kept going to get dressed everyday and ended up not having anything to wear (or at least that was how I felt!) To be fair, I was coming back to my clothes I had not worn for 14 months, seasonal transitions and styles.

To begin setting up the basis of your wardrobe you have to identify your lifestyle and personal situation. Climate and season of your location in the world is also a vital part. For me, I work in retail and for 5 days of the work, which is about 70 percent of the time, I have a black and white smart casual uniform (of sorts) and 2 days of the week is the weekend for when I wear whatever I want. I live in Ballarat a place where it is cold 8 months of the year I have to keep that in mind even in the warmer months.


Another big part of this ‘slow fashion’ practice is learning to appreciate everything you have and use and style the items you have to it’s fullest. I hope that with a set number of items in my wardrobe I will try and mix and match my clothes creatively. So far I have started learning to style old pieces in adventurous ways and it is a fun process.

As someone who lives and breathes consumerism and working in retail, I purchase quite a lot. I have to confess I love to shop. As I occasionally clear out my clothes and sell them for second-hand thrifting on eBay, this allows me to justify the purchases as a recycling habit (of sorts) With this challenge I have also set a no buying period during the season. This means instead of thinking about shopping and walking into sales I will restrict my purchases to pre-season (before the season begins). Hopefully by doing this I will be able to 1) safe money and 2) spend on quality not quantity.

In the coming weeks I will have posts on my journey and the idea of the capsule wardrobe. It’s not just a challenge, it is the beginning of a lifestyle.


Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe? Do you have one too? 

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below xo .

On Dressing Up..


Image via the Sartorialist

Recently I have been working through the concept of minimalism and not in a crazy freaky sort of way, just in my outlook towards aspects in my personal life; around the house and my wardrobe. I spent the month of February doing a 28 day Minimalism Challenge. It was a challenge to get rid of one thing everyday of the month and for me I did it through selling things on eBay. I managed to get up to day 25 and the rest went into 2 big garbage bags of Brian’s and my own stuff to the Salvation Army.

There are many ways of applying a minimalist approaches to daily life. The reason why I have decided to embrace certain aspects of it, is to get rid of clutter and keep only what I need. Yes, I’m a sentimental person and there will be a few things I cannot bear to part with but mostly it will hopefully be the beginning to a more free-ing lifestyle.

So far it’s been good however now that I have purged my wardrobe I am left with the feeling of “why don’t I have anything to wear?”

That’s a story for another day… xx