Life lately…

A post finally a post! I just decided to do a bit of a ramble on absolutely nothing. I have been busy with so much and life gets in the way. When I first started this blog, my intentions were definitely better than what I have managed to churn out (yea, it’s a bit like that)

In my daily life I have had a bit on, a bit of a life transition of moving countries, moving in with my long-distance fiancee then getting married. I am happy to announce that I have had so much fun going through all that now I can settle down and concentrate on some things I enjoy such as ..the blog and my hobbies -reading etc. 3112717a6c9d42b1c1f889b0114d00c9

image: via Pinterest


I am currently going through a personal development for 2016 and that is through minimalism. One of my goals for the year was to try out the capsule wardrobe thing and be a little more systematic with my clothes. I will explain more about my journey soon but so far it is going well.

Our wedding day was the by far the best day of my life and I will be putting photos up as they come in! So happy to have our closest family and friends there with us both. Married life is going well and we are planning for our honeymoon which will hopefully be later on this year.


 xoxo Mrs SbS