May Playlist #1 // Music

Music has always been a close friend and an integral part of my life. Music speaks emotion and goes beyond words. Listening to records as we all know has become one of my favourite things to do. To kick off the weekend, I have some tunes that have been of some relevance to me in the past and and of late. There’s no definite genre because I love all sorts of music some old and new.

MAY Playlist #1

To get to my playlist, please click the link above. This is just what I have on my current rotation playlist on Spotify and I’ll probably have them playing till I get bored or find some new tunes. If you have anything you think I’ll enjoy based on this or maybe something you have on your own selection, please let me know.  I would love to receive some new suggestions.

I am working on new material just have to make sure I get it out as soon as possible. But for now peace and love xo.



Beautiful month of May!

Simple Things // gratitude

A bit has happened in my personal life recently and when things like these happen you look life a little differently. In amongst all the business of daily life and school, there was a sudden passing of someone that played a huge part in my life at some point. It shook me quite a bit. It most definitely took me by surprise. Death and grief are never easy. In the same way, feelings are never black and white.

It’s been a couple of weeks now and life goes on. I thought to do a simple post about gratitude and what makes me happiest.

1. Eating Nutella (and it’s not with a spoon!)

2. Listening to records and loosing myself in the music

3. Date nights and every other night with my man.

4. Good cup of coffee.

5. Finding an awesome bookshop, more importantly a good book to read.

6. Clean sheets and soft pillows

7. Finding a bargain while shopping or just any shopping.

8. Productive day of work

9. Walks around the lake, enjoying the sunshine.

10. Making someone else smile.

Life is fragile and short. We have to enjoy, savour the moments and live gratefully. None of us can predict when our time on Earth will end but for now live life to the fullest and oh.. eat Nutella:-)