My Favourite Things // Timepieces

I have been so slack recently and busy which has taken me miles away from my blog. Unfortunately, this is due to a mere lack of motivation and my total devotion to my course, study, revision, homework, classes- barely leaves me enough time to breathe, eat, communicate with the beings I live with and talk to my beloved on Skype-sphere and oh yeah, shower. Persevering on..


I thought I’d share something different, this is a snapshot of my dressing table now. I have decided to showcase a few of my favourite things and here, my watches. I have been a collector of accessories for a while now (Yes, I’m just a girl can you blame me!) I can say it started with me rummaging through mum’s jewellery from a very young age. After working in retail, my love for it has only grown bigger except now I have more defined taste. These are the ones I reach out for most of often on rotation.


I got this Skagen Ceramic Black Ladies watch almost 4 years ago. I wore it to death at one stage but now it only comes out mostly for more formal events, evenings or when I need something a little more sophisticated. I can’t afford Chanel and probably could never justify paying for a J12! It has Swarovski crystal all around the bezel which makes it look chic yet not too over-the-top.


I think everyone should own a white watch. I know it took me awhile to find the ‘One’ but this was purchased in a sale and grabbed it at first sight. Even though it has a Chronograph look, this is a Quartz movement watch with three dials, the day, date and second hand. It is a great piece for casual day looks and complements my outfits.  I love that it has a nice big face but a smaller band to fit my small wrist.



The latest piece in my collection is a one-of-a-kind and cannot be purchased (Well, not in this exact form.) This is a Geneve wind-up watch that I got for Christmas from my beloved fiancee. It is a older piece maybe from the 60-70s and he restored it, cleaned it up and up a new band on it. I really wanted a watch with a leather band and this is probably the one I’ve been wearing the most:-)


Do you have a favourite timepiece too? I’d love to hear or see pictures… 

Being More Organised

In the last 3 weeks, I have had to juggle beauty school, some part-time work and personal life and I have been slightly overwhelmed with everything I’ve had to do. I find if I’m not organised, I tend to ‘drown’ in my one area of my life. Everyone is different but I like to keep things right where I can see them to be able to function. Some tips I practice that have helped me tremendously in getting things done.


Set a schedule 

Since I left my full-time job, I find this as a good way to manage your daily activities to maintain a good level of productivity. It is so easy to fall into lazy ways and sleep in the wee hours of the morning and have breakfast at midday. I like to map out my week on a my computer as a guide and that gives me an idea of my day-to-day tasks. The traditional diary also works well. I still think this is the most full-proof method out there.


Every 3-4 months I find the the time to throw out old receipts, clear my handbag and sometime redecorate. Just a few weeks ago, I went through my external hard drive to get rid of the things I’ve kept for in-case-I-may-need-this instances. To be honest, it is a work in progress but at least I’ve done half the job. This is a little like spring cleaning and by doing this a few times a year, you run a lower risk of hoarding.

Make lists

I’m THE list queen. I write lists for everything. I always have. This helps me greatly so I have it noted down instead of in my head. Some love to write on their hands but I love the traditional pen and paper method. I have also acquired a few apps on my iPhone for different types of lists. There is the recommended Todoist and my personal favourite is Any.Do. These are great and easy to use. They are handy being on your phone and you can also set reminder alarms if needed. For mums or house husbands, I have a great shopping list application that is list-based, Shop Shop. Try it!

Have a neat and tidy workspace

This point goes with the de-cluttering. I always try and maintain and neat workspace and this helps me whilst I work. This may also help create a clearer mindset while you work.

Are you organised or not? I’d love to hear any suggestions you use to be organised.. 

Hair Essentials // My Personal Favorites

I haven’t touched on the subject of hair thus far however I am one who prides myself in my hair. I’ll admit it hasn’t been all fun and games. I have had my fair share of mishaps with cuts and colouring but was fortunate to finally meet an amazing hairdresser about 3 years ago and my hair has been tended to with care ever since. But in saying that, regular hair care is important to maintain your hair to it’s best.


Image by Kerastase

Some are born with an amazing head of hair and don’t need much to care but I bet most of us have issues or we never are happy with what we have (on our heads i mean!). I have always wanted short pixie crop but would never ever dare test it to bear the cost of missing my long hair.

I guess I owe a lot of the great things that happen on my head to a handful of essentials. These have been at hand in my repertoire for at least a year. Some of these, I’ve used longer than I’ve had relationships!  😛


Hair mask: Personally I don’t really use a conditioner instead I have replaced it with a hair mask. I find that my hair needs the replenishment especially after colouring it. Kerastase do amazing masks and these formulas have been around for awhile. I love this particular one, Nutritive range Masquintense but will change them around between 2-3 different others depending on the condition of my hair. I use this after shampoo and leave for a few minutes before rinsing.

Replenishing balm: I was introduced to this a year ago and have managed to use it sparingly since! The Kerastase Touche Perfection is a product applied to dry ends and works to reduce split ends also making your tips feel less dry. Split ends are caused when hair is put under lots a heat damage and mine is I almost always dry my hair after washing and also run the straightener regularly. Awesome product!

Hair spray: Luxury in a can. The Kerastase Lacque Noire has a lovely scent to it which makes hair smell lovely after application. But more importantly it has a good strong hold. It’s not industrial strength but it gives me good hold when I curl my hair. There is also another one, Lacque Couture which is similar but differs in strength (I think). It’s a bit more of a splurge so I do sometimes have an Elnett hairspray handy to alternate.

Disclaimer: I have purchased all these products and in no way am I affiliated with the brand. I genuinely love and recommend Kerastase and have been for long time.


Hair dryer: This is my workhorse and probably the best thing I have ever bought. My Parlux 3500 was purchased in 2008 and I have never had any problems with it. I use it every other day and it is has made maintaining my hair so much easier. I even take this on holidays occasionally. Before this I had cheap hair dryers and nothing against them I stumbled upon this and will never go back:-) This is a little heavy but is exactly what hair dressers use to it’s built for toughness.

Hair straightener: I used to have rebellious hair but with age and weather my hair has since become  more manageable and I don’t need straighten it as much anymore. Nowadays, I use my Cloud Nine Hair Straightener as a hair curler. I spent a whole year mastering this technique and no longer need the conical wand. This is really nice to use and I have to add that it is very similar to the famous GHD iron. I have owned both and this has been with me for 3-4 years now.

What are your hair essentials? …