What I’ve Been Up to Lately


So for those of you who are my regular readers you probably realised I’ve been a little irregular with my posting and there are a few reasons for this. It’s partly due to my new course and also the weather- yes I’m going to blame it on the weather.

I recently started beauty school, beauty therapy to be exact. This is essentially a diploma that leads up to something called CIDESCO which is short for Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie, Zurich Switzerland. This is a highly regarded in the skincare and beauty therapy field. Recently, an opportunity came up for me to do this course and so after not-so-much thinking I’m enrolled in it. I’ve only just begun however it’s been a pretty full week with classes and also a part-time job.

Among other things, I’ve been a little uninspired and the weather here (Malaysia) makes it hard to focus. My makeup drips off my face and my skin has had a bad reaction to the heat and caused a bit of acne.  I have never really suffered from them!

On a better note, I am on the road to healing- with my spots and also working really hard on my course with the hopes to become a skincare specialist. I’m loving this new path of learning and I’m sure that some of what I learn will come through on the blog with time.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported my here. It’s always very motivating to read comments and suggestions from all of you.

x Sarah

Anti-Ageing Makeup // A Good Base

Those of you reading this would probably think she doesn’t even have a line on her face what would she know. Well, I am definitely not very mature or ageing but I do have a mum who is now in her mid-60s and has pigmentation, uneven skin tone and wrinkles who has taught be a lot about skincare. I think there is beauty in mature skin the same way it exists in younger skin. In my pursuit of beauty, I am especially interested in learning of ways make women of all ages look and feel their best.

Photo by Nars

Just last week I went to product launch for a supplementary product. I learnt that at the age of 25, collagen depletion begins and in our 40s it drops by 30%. This mean wrinkles start appearing and our skin is not as tight and supple as it used to be. There are many different way to delay ageing but the most invasive ways would be through skincare and beauty. Then a friend of mine, also a reader sent me this question:

What interests me is now that I am older how much make up should I use? Don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb but lipstick is not always enough. When I have had my make up down it always feels caked on.

Even at my age sometimes, too much makeup can feel caked on. The skin needs to be able to breath and makeup should be used to work well with the skin not against it.

Photo by Vogue

No matter how much foundation you put on on your skin, wrinkles and fine lines are not something you can cover up. Most times full-coverage formulas will lay over them and this makes your face feel heavy and caked on.

The idea is to create an illuminating and glowing complexion. Pigmentation and patchy skin tone are very common because of continual sun damage over the years. This also makes the skin look dull and sallow. The best thing for this is to use light and sheer formulas that are luminous.

With a foundation, less is more and a bit of technique can go a long way so best use a sponge specifically for blending. I think even fingers or a brush do the trick. Just remember to start with a little and add more if needed. It’s easier to build than to take off.

Concealer is a great thing for hiding all the blemishes and spots. Apply only on the areas you need it for example the under eye area and pigmentation spots. The secret is blend, blend, blend. When you apply base makeup the best recommendation is to blend. This will stop makeup from feeling like it is sitting on the skin.

Get one that will give you coverage but is light reflecting. There are cake formulas out there but get a liquid type for a lighter feel but yet with enough coverage.

Powder is good for setting any liquid texture applied on the face. Try not to use a puff as this picks up more powder and will lay more on your face hence creating a heavier look. Just powder on for a softer even look.

Any brand of pressed or loose powder is fine for this, I have tried a plethora of brands and they all serve a similar purpose. This is up to your budget and taste. Go for translucent colour as it is suitable for any skin tone or colour.


My mother -au natural

I have so much more to discuss about this topic so, if you have any questions please ask in the comments. I am happy to be of help! 

The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look // 5 Minute Makeup

For some of your out there who may have read my post about developing a signature look, I mentioned that it’s as easy as 5 minutes and for a lazy day that’s probably more than enough. So here I have done a post with times for you to proof it is possible.

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1. Moisturiser-Primer-Sunscreen (30 seconds): A cheat product that is combined and does more with one product. By using a product like this your skin has been moisturised and is prepped to apply some makeup. It also has some minimal sun protection that is necessary to protect your skin from UV rays.

2. Tinted moisturiser (1 minute) : A lighter texture compared to foundation. There are also foundations out there which are lighter but will also have less coverage. The key with this is to use a sponge or even your fingers and slowly work it into the skin. The best way is with slightly circular dabbing movements. This will help even out the colour and your makeup won’t feel caked on. I have found that BB cream with a hint of colour is a good lighter option for this.

3. Concealer (1 minute) : Get one that will give you full coverage but that is light in texture. Make sure to blend the product well. This will stop makeup from feeling like it is sitting on the skin.

4. Powder (30 seconds) : Use a translucent powder with a brush to lightly soften the look. Powder the areas you need it most so maybe just the T-zone area (forehead and nose) and the under-eye area.

5. Blush (30 seconds) : Adding a hint of pink on your cheeks will make them look rosy and give the illusion of a flush. Just lightly add the tiniest bit of pink onto the apples of your cheeks. A glow always gives your face a more natural ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

6. Mascara (45 seconds): Put one coat of black mascara. This helps brings out the eyes more. This step can also be replaced with eyeliner instead of mascara.

7. Lipgloss (15 seconds): Slick on some lipgloss that is most natural look to your original lip colour. So if you have a darker lip, a nude or mauve colour and if you a light lips, a pink tone one.

Lastly, use the remaining 30 seconds to check your look and touch up anything that needs it.

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Au Natural selfie


Have you ever tried your own ‘No Makeup’ makeup? Is 5 minutes too little time? Comment below:-) 

Start Makeup Kit from Scratch

I was blessed, in the sense that I grew up with a mum who worked in the beauty/skincare industry and I have lots of resources available to me. I never really took these things too seriously but I had lots of experience. I followed my mother to makeup sessions and demonstrations being immersed and allowed to play with all things in her makeup kit. I learnt to apply makeup properly as young as 10. To be honest I never wore any makeup till I was 19.  A makeup kit no matter how small or big is a paintbox for makeup. It is an expression of femininity for a woman.

The main idea is to build up a set of useful products in a short span of time. To achieve that, concentrate on getting essentials first then later work on the rest. Some of you may want to to just go through and cull what you have and others may want to start on a clean slate. It all depends on your skin type and your taste. You make want to have certain products you already use which is completely your choice. This is my guideline for creating a make up and skin care starter kit but you can tailor this to suit your own needs.


Consider how much you want to spend on your kit and the decision is completely yours. Each person would have their different requirements for the amount of money spent on products.I have mentioned a few times that I generally prefer to spend a little more for something that will go a long way. My foundation can last anywhere from 4-6 months depending on how often I use it so I never skimp on the dollars here because a good base is vital for me to suit my skin tone.

Choose about 4 products to cover the main areas of skincare such as cleansing, exfoliation, moisturising and sun protection. I would recommend getting a day moisturiser that contains SPF to give your skin minimal protection from the UV rays (if anything). I have about 5 myself because I would have a cleanser, a moisturiser, a serum, a scrub or mask and recently I have started to make toning something regular too.


In this area there are three levels to consider. First you have your base products and this can be a combination of these: foundation, concealer, powder or tinted moisturiser. Then you have the colour side of things which will be eye, cheek and lip products. This can be developed from your signature makeup look and keep to essentials of what you need to achieve your look. Lastly, you have the special occasion items which you can get 2 of. So maybe an extra eye or lip product. Use something that will accentuate an area of your face.

What are your makeup & skincare kit essentials? 

Mornings and Waking Up Early

Until a few months ago, I was working a full-time job where I was up at 6.30am and home at 6pm and due to this I never really had the luxury of sleeping in unless it was the weekend. Being self-employed now, I found it hard to get back into a routine of waking up early. It was only until recently that I started to feel lazy and body was sluggish because my hours were all over the place. I guess before I didn’t realise this because I didn’t know any better.


I read a post recently whilst reading Geneva’s blog and decided that I had to really make an effort and challenge myself to wake up at earlier everyday. If you are feeling the same way, here are a few tips I’ve learnt to help guide you to becoming a morning person (a better one anyway!)

Sunset2KohSamui Morning view on holiday

*Going to bed earlier
Try to shut down and go to bed a little earlier. Take into account that the average person needs about 8 hours sleep every night. Taking small steps will help and by going to sleep earlier you’re body will have enough rest to be able to rise earlier -sometimes even automatically.


*Keep your body clock regulated
Our bodies work on a regular cycle of 24 hours which means if we go to sleep 3 hours later on the weekend, your body clock gets pushed back by 3 hours, which means that come Monday your body will be trying to catch up on sleep hours. So the best recommendation would be to keep your sleep-wake times the same by sleeping regular hours as much as possible.


*Practice a relaxing routine
In the age we live in, many of us are hooked onto our phone, pads and tabs. It is probably a good idea to allow yourself to lay off your electronic gadgets just before you go to bed and instead do things to relax yourself such as journalling, read or even meditate. Try will help tire you maybe and put you to sleep. It’s also good to go to bed a little earlier than your sleep time to relax, sometimes it takes that much time to wind down.


*Create a sleep sanctuary

When you make your sleeping abode a snooze-haven and make it comfortable it will be relaxing and a place of comfort hence hopefully aid the process of sleep for you. Dim the light and make sure it is quiet. Other ways are to have the right temperature so if you live in a warmer climate country, use cotton sheets and maybe even have

*Alarm clock
A good alarm clock is very helpful because it will help you wake up exactly at the chosen time until your body clock is used to your sleep-wake times and you may not need one anymore. Try not to use the snooze button too many time though. To be honest I put mine a little bit away from me so I had to get out of bed to turn it off, worked a trick.


 I look forward to this!


This is a favourite because I look forward breakfast as a meal also I have my morning ritual activities that go along with it. Plan what you’ll be having the next day and it may get you out of bed. I especially love going out for poached eggs on the weekend with Mr SbS.



My morning face

So the update from me is that after about 6 weeks now I can say I’m definitely feeling a lot better. I feel that it is important to be disciplined and because I like being up early for a fresh start to the day this then gives me a overall whole sense of wellbeing. I’m no expert but I will carry on doing this. I’m sure there will be sleep in once in a while;-)
Are you a morning person? Maybe you are trying to be one.. Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you do to get you out of bed:-)