Building a Capsule Wardrobe

In my recent post I defined what a capsule wardrobe is. Here I will explain a bit more on how to start building your own capsule wardrobe as I go on my own journey to do so.


Essentially, a capsule wardrobe is minimal wardrobe that comprises of basics and key items, that are statement pieces. Personally I like to have a seasonal capsule wardrobe that I change twice a year. I think it’s good for the different seasons. So for example in Australia, have one for Spring/Summer and another for Autumn/Winter, that way you have clothes suited to the appropriate temperatures. This also means you can choose different colour varieties throughout the year in a more organised manner. As long as you have the essentials for the season, a few spontaneous purchases added in later won’t hurt. (Says the shopaholic in me!) Just let me add that I don’t buy a whole new wardrobe every season!




There are many different ways of doing this but to facilitate the process, I use four main points. I start with the first (fun) part of creating a concept where you define the style of your wardrobe specifically for this season. The best way to do this is by compiling inspiration for your concept. I look for inspiration everywhere; on the Internet, magazines, on Pinterest or Tumblr and a common one now is from street style blogs. Also, list down elements you want to have in your wardrobe such as textures, colours, combinations, specific items.


A digital or paper based mood board helps collate all your inspiration in one spot. Pinterest has become very popular this way because other than creating your own boards you can peruse other people’s boards and get ideas from there.


Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.27.33 am


The second step is to build a basic structure for your wardrobe. After collecting inspiration, the ideas have to be translated for the visual concept to be useful. The easiest way to do this is to look for similarities in proportions or silhouettes and list category items. A proportion is a combination of a item categories. You may find that you like maxi skirts worn with short-sleeve tops or a leather jacket paired with slim fitting jeans as a staple for your winter wardrobe. Pick about 1-4 proportions to work with your style and lifestyle. You may already have a uniform even if you don’t realise it. Then choose a colour palette that you are comfortable with.

Once you have the basic framework for your capsule wardrobe draft, it makes things easier to form outfits like filling in the blanks. Based on all the proportions you have picked out, list items for each category and set quantities for each item you would like to have. Keep in mind your wardrobe will be between 20-30 items (just an estimate). When you have your draft, the organisation process begins.


I would start from my own wardrobe first and go through everything I have to see if it will stay in my capsule wardrobe. If you have a relatively well-defined wardrobe then you may need to get 20% of your draft list. Then from there, I go through the draft list see what else I need. I don’t necessarily buy brand new items. Sometimes I scour through eBay or second-hand shops for a bargain. You’d be surprised what you’d find.


The last and final part is creating a working wardrobe and here is where you implement and test the wardrobe you have built. Once you have the core preparation done, create different looks and learn to maximise the versatility of each item in your wardrobe. To make your wardrobe work for you, it may take a bit of adjusting and time until you find the right combination. Below is an example of a small capsule wardrobe.

Image: Pinterest


I believe that your capsule wardrobe has to be tailored closely to your personal style and suit your lifestyle. I know this may seem like a lot of work however a bit of organisation will definitely help spend less time planning your day-to-day look and probably even some money. There are no set rules so have a little fun with it. For more insight into capsule wardrobes, check out Project 333. It is a great idea if you want to challenge yourself to a more simple  life.


Do you have a capsule wardrobe? What pieces would be in your capsule wardrobe if you did?

Best Dressed // Red Carpet Style

You have probably seen it on every Twitter feed, Facebook post and on the news. Best Movie. Best Actress. Best Screenplay. Even though it is a gala event in Hollywood,  the Oscars brings celebrities and fashion together on the red carpet. As a child, I remember looking forward to watching it more for the glitz and the glamour then only the movies showcased. Here are my favourites for this year:


This was my favourite of them all. Sienna Miller in Oscar de la Renta. This is the first Peter Copping’s first collection and is hot of the press! Simple yet elegant.

oscars-red-carpet-026   87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Red Roses Rosamund Pike in Givenchy Couture and Dakota Johnson in Saint Laurent.


Keira Knightly is one glowy mumma-to-be in Valentino Couture.

Definitely didn’t forget the dashing men this year.

  87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivalsoscars-red-carpet-071

Benedict Cumberbatch and winner of Best Leading Actor, Eddie Redmayne.

Images by



Who were your favourites for the Oscars this year? 

Chinese New Year// Photo Diary

I thought I would do a visual diary of my Chinese New Year this year for those who have never experienced the celebration. I have mentioned it in my previous posts here and here. It is my time in about 8 years that I have been back in Malaysia to celebrate this auspicious time of the year. I am happy and feeling blessed to come from such rich cultural background and thought I’d share this with you. Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Reunion dinner with family 



This is held the night before the first of Chinese New Year and intermediate family get together to share dinner and also prepare to usher in the new year. We had a grand feast of a meal!


Cookies and treats

IMG_4653Yee Sang- traditional dish with raw fish and vegetables

IMG_4646Paying respect to elders -normally done to wish each other a great year of good luck and prosperity. Also a time when “Ang Pow”- red packets are exchanged.


Lion-Dance is cultural dance that performed traditionally during Chinese New Year to cast of evil spirits and to bring luck and good fortune.

IMG_4786    IMG_4781

I was fortunate enough to have this a relatives house hence an up-close show!



Hope you enjoyed this post. If you’d like to be to do more of these in the future, please leave a comment for some feedback:-) Thanks! xo Sarah

Capsule Wardrobe

When I moved back to Malaysia, I had to pack most of my belongings and clothes into storage and when I arrived back here I started from the bare minimal. I figured I would just get new clothes along the way because everything I own or buy will have to shipped back to Australia. Since being back 5 months ago, I have (most definitely) acquired a few new items in my wardrobe however I have decided to go on a personal challenge to create a capsule wardrobe for myself.



What is a capsule wardrobe, you ask? Well by definition, it is a collection of essential clothes paired with seasonal pieces. This is a combination of interchangeable items to maximise the number of outfits created. A capsule wardrobe represents a set of clothing and accessories normally range from 20-30 pieces items (including shoes and jackets but not underwear or accessories).

There are many reasons why a capsule wardrobe is helpful in daily life. In an earlier post about being a minimalist (here), I explained that this concept aims to simplify life and get ride of the excess to be able to focus on more important aspects. In this context, creating a capsule wardrobe will allow more time and money spent on excessive items that you don’t need in your collection in the long run. With being a minimalist, you would be able to concentrate on getting good quality statement pieces instead of wasting it on lots of clothes you don’t wear or are not well made. Quality instead of quantity. Lastly, as your sense of style may evolve through the decades, a change or revamp your personal style could help inspire you and keep things fresh.

A capsule wardrobe may differ from person to person. Each individual has different needs according to their lifestyle. But for me, a capsule wardrobe will help me live a little simpler and focus more on quality rather quantity. It will also help me a have an essential wardrobe while I’m here in Malaysia on a short-term basis. Stay tuned for more on wardrobe building in the coming weeks…



Have you thought about revamping your day-to-day clothes? I’d love to know what you think. Please share a comment:-)


Gong Xi Fa Cai! This means have a prosperous new year ahead in Chinese. It’s the first day of the Lunar New Year today and I thought I would do my very first outfit of the day. It is Chinese belief that during Chinese New Year one should wear bright colours or red, as it is seen as a colour of good luck. I guess I figured the statement piece top made up for all the other black I was wearing:-)

I have to admit I’m much more used to being on the other side of the lense not the model (It was a sunny day- please excuse the squinting!!) Also a special appearance by Mr. Beckie.

To all my readers who are celebrating Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Gong Xi and have a year full of blessing and prosperity!!




Shrug borrowed from Mum, Top and Skirt by H&M, Watch by Skagen.